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Top 6 Client Appreciation Ideas for Realtors

Of course, the first impression is always important. First impressions help you build rapport and make effective sales. But the last impression is what stays with the client for days to come. Showing your appreciation for your real estate clients is what will always have them coming back to you and referring you to others.

Here are some of the top client appreciation ideas that you can start implementing right away to not only make your cherished clients happier but to keep them around for future business!

1. Send a thank you gift

A simple hand-written thank you letter and a thoughtful gift can go a long way when showing appreciation to your client. If you can, go out of your way to find something they will truly appreciate. Come up with a list of simple questions you can ask during the early stages of the partnership to get to know their interests and ask them throughout the buying or selling process.

For example, you may inquire about their taste in music and learn that your client is a huge fan of musicals. A great gift idea would be a pair of Broadway tickets so your client can have a fun evening with a plus one. A gift this personal is sure to leave a lasting impression on your client.

2. Show them around town

After they’ve been moved in and settled, what better way to show your client that you appreciate them by taking them for a fun drive around town? Stop by your favorite sushi restaurant or take them to an Astros baseball game. Showing them a good time in their new city further establishes you as a local expert, and they’re likely to appreciate the kind gesture and remember you for future business.

Pro-tip: chauffeuring your client around town in a fast Corvette Z06 is one way to show them a good time, but any comfortable car will do. Check out the best cars for real estate agents here!

3. Surprise move-in day pizza party

While this may be a cheesy idea (excuse the pun), imagine stopping by your client’s new home as they are moving in. If you casually ask them about food (and their favorite kind of pizza) while getting to know them during the buying process, you can surprise them with their favorite pizza.

It’ll mean a lot that you remembered their favorite pizza. It’ll also give them, their family or friends a chance to take a break and grab bite to eat. Considering that most people won’t have a stocked fridge or cabinet full of food on move-in day, this is a simple way to welcome them to the neighborhood and leave a lasting impression on your client.

4. Get a cleaning crew together

Gifting a professional cleaning service is such a great gesture to give your new clients after they move in. Buy them a service that they can schedule at a future date, and they’ll be able to have a clean house without lifting a finger, all thanks to you!

5. Refer business to them

If you know that your client has a business, referring your network to their business is a great way to show gratitude and share the love. Share their Facebook page in a Facebook post, write a positive Yelp review, or bring your acquaintances in personally. They will appreciate the free promotion, and some may even return the favor for you and share your business with their network.

6. Help with basic necessities

When moving into a new home, it takes a while to unbox everything and put everything away. A helpful and thoughtful gift idea is a gift basket full of soaps, paper towels, disposable dinnerware and cleaning supplies. Even if they don’t need to use the entire goodie basket right away, they’ll be able to save it for later and have one less purchase to remember the next time they’re at the grocery store. This will save them time, energy, and money — your clients will love it!

Pro Tip: Get to Know Your Clients!

Of course, the best way to get returning business and referrals is to intentionally get to know your clients. Building relationships takes time, but going the extra mile will make you stand out in the real estate industry. With a combination of these client appreciation ideas and a conscious effort to befriend your real estate clientele, you’ll have repeat business and new referrals in no time.

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