3-Day Rule for 30-Hour Courses

Per TREC rules, a 30-hour course exam should not be accessed until the required amount of hours have been spent in the course. A “day” is considered 12-hours, therefore a 30-hour course exam should not be accessed until 2.5 days after you started the course. If you are taking multiple 30-hour courses, each subsequent exam should be 2.5 days after you finished the previous exam. You may take multiple exams in a day BUT only after the requisite time period elapses. For example, you could take exams for courses 1,2,3 on the 8th day or any day after the 8th day.

Course Start Date Exam Date
Course 1 Day 1 Day 3
Course 2 Day 3 Day 5
Course 3 Day 6 Day 8
Course 4 Day 8 Day 10
Course 5 Day 11 Day 13
Course 6 Day 13 Day 15

Note: TREC states that the required amount of time must be spent in each course. Individual courses can’t be completed in less than 3 days.

All final exams for 30-hour courses require some form of proctoring. The following are acceptable third-party proctors:

(A) employees at official testing or learning/tutoring centers;
(B) librarians at a school, university, or public library;
(C) college, university, secondary, or elementary school – Administrators, faculty, teachers, or academic advisors
(D) clergy who are affiliated with a specific temple, synagogue, mosque, or church
(E) members of the court system – judges, justice of the peace, magistrates, and prosecutors.
(F) law Enforcement Officers – Sergeant, lieutenant, or captain
(F) educational officers of a military installation or correctional facility.
(G) notary
(H) attorney